Thursday, May 8, 2014

Announcing The Babe

I am long overdue in sharing our newborn photos with you, so in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I'm playing catch up today! The truth is, I don't think cuteness has an expiration date, and there is a serious overload of cuteness in what our dear friend Gabriela Hansen captured here, friends. Yes, I'm biased, but oh my heart! Looking back I still swoon and turn into a puddle of mama-mush at the site of my sweet newborn babe, and I had the hardest time narrowing it down to just a few photos to share with you on here. I mean, just look at those precious little feet!

He looks so tiny and delicate in those early days, doesn't he? I absolutely love this shot {below} of his big brother tenderly kissing his forehead as Tate fusses and reminds us all who's in control. You're surrounded by love, little man. It's all good.

Noah truly is an ah-MAZE-zing big brother, loving Tate and paying such thoughtful attention to his needs. And yes, even changing diapers! {Hi fives for that mama win!}

As you can see above, Noah's got the "big bro glow" and it hasn't faded yet. Such a gift...

...As is the sight of my love holding our second born baby boy in his arms. There's nothing like the bond between a dad and his boys to melt the heart of his wife. {Graham would have been featured in more of these photos if he hadn't been working! Love that man. SO much!}

As you can see, we are pretty seriously smitten. It's for real, folks. This little guy has my heart.

We couldn't keep all that goodness to ourselves, so working with Minted we created this very special birth announcement to share with our family and close friends.

I can't say enough about how impressed I am with Minted. I've worked with them twice now and they have totally exceeded my expectations each time. From the high quality of the extra thick, matte card stock to the customization with designs created by indie designers to the proof process to the customer service and super fast shipping, I am a fan. Simply put, they are my kind of people.

And they are your kind of people too, because in the spirit of generosity Minted is offering readers of The Curated House a 10% discount AND free shipping on any orders from now until May 21st when you use the code CURATED10FS at checkout! Translation: It's time to set down that cup of coffee and go check out all they have on offer! Not only do they do birth announcements and invitations and printed paper goods of all kinds, but they also have an amazing collection of limited edition art prints which is exactly where I would be heading if I were you!

I do plan to share much more with you in the coming days, including Tate's nursery and Noah's pied-à-terre and more about our birth story {the early days}. But for now, our pace is being decided by the sweetest little dictator I know.



  1. I am very late commenting on this post but luckily, well wishes don't have an expiry either ;) I just noticed your little man and I share a birthday! He is destined to be a very organized and determined fellow :) Congratulations to your family.


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