This post was created in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions are my own. Promise.

Did you know that spending a total of just 2 hours a week outside can offer major health benefits? Both mentally and physically, we are just healthier versions of ourselves when we’re connected to nature. In fact, studies show that being outside can lower stress hormones and blood pressure, calm the nervous system and improve mood and immune function. I don’t know about you, but I’m down for all of that! In fact, I’m super passionate about designing homes that are as healthy as they are beautiful, and I believe that designing spaces that connect us to nature is a super important piece of that puzzle.

That’s why our outdoor living and dining transformation has truly been a game changer. Simply put, it invites us to slow down and connect – with nature and with each other – and we always need more of that.

Did you know that eating dinner together boosts your kids’ vocabulary even more than reading aloud to them? And the only way to make eating together healthier is to do it outside.

outdoor dining marble table

If you’re looking for ways to inspire yourself and your loved ones to eat outdoors and a full outdoor reno isn’t in the budget at the moment, I would invite you to invest in some inspiring new dinnerware to elevate your everyday meals. Making your daily details more beautiful can set the stage for making happy memories with the ones you love. I don’t see the need to separate outdoor dishes from indoor dishes, so the good news is, you’ll be investing in something that will translate into inspiring lingering dinners around the table indoors when the weather changes. It’s a win-win.


I recently updated our dinnerware, glasses and cutlery and found everything I needed at Bed Bath & Beyond. I’m in love with the soft, calming neutral palette of all of these pieces. I can honestly say that the steak knives from the Laguiole set are the best I’ve ever used. They cut through everything like butter and are so elegant. You know me, I’m always one to embrace a touch of French sophistication wherever I can, and this tableware update has honestly led us to enjoying our outdoor space even more because it all looks so beautiful together. The double old fashioned glasses in the glasses set also double as our stemless wine glasses, and I’m loving the efficiency and simplicity of that in my kitchen cabinets.

Huge thanks to Carol from Sweet Woodruff for the stunning florals, and to Laurie Wierzbecki for the beautiful photos.

Here’s to savouring every last minute of beautiful weather with the ones we love. Happy rest of summer, friends!