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Searching for inspired suggestions on what to get for Dad this year? The search is over, friends. I’ve curated a few very special finds that will have your Daddio feeling the love.

ONE //  Does the Dad in your world love style, comfort and innovation? If so, the Noah Driving Shoe from Ron White is perfect for him. Ron took a year and a half to develop the layered technology in the insole of this shoe, transferring his All Day Heel technology from his women’s line into a totally sophisticated men’s shoe. Don’t let the relaxed styling fool you: this shoe offers incredible arch support layered with PORON, the Nasa-developed memory foam that is the signature in Ron’s shoes. Class and comfort combined, this shoe is perfect paired with jeans and a v-neck, but also amazing with a crisp linen suit.
{Don’t tell Graham, but these Ron White shoes are his Father’s Day gift this year!}
TWO //  I love celebrating meaningful moments with the art of story, and what better way to do that than with a piece of original art? Elizabeth Lennie is one of my favourite artists because of her ability to capture the memory-making moments in our lives through her gestural, figurative work. Her subject matter revolves around outdoor Canadian pastimes like hockey or playing in the water out on a lake. I want to live the story she tells with my family, and I’m thrilled to have a couple of her small pieces in our home. Remind your man of his childhood love of hockey with Shinny 9 from Art Interiors.
THREE //  For something small but special, why not choose a pair of handmade Rosewood Cufflinks from Jenny Greco via the One of A Kind online shop? They are a modern classic that will work with almost every suit he owns.
FOUR //  Make your man the master of the grill with this Weber Genesis from The Home Depot. We have this grill on our wish list for our outdoor living room update this summer. I especially love that this Weber grill has a sear zone for crafting the perfect steaks every time.
FIVE //  Use a daily ritual as an opportunity to remind him of how much he’s loved. This bespoke shaving set from Taylor of Old Bond Street in London is now being imported to Canada. 

SIX //  For the Dad who travels a lot, this gorgeous Bison Leather Dopp Kit Bag from Kaufman Mercantile is a practical luxury that will remind him of the family he adores while he’s on the road.

The reality is, the most important thing you can give to the Dad in your life is quality time together. Make him breakfast in bed, go for a bike ride or a hike in the woods, take him golfing if that’s what he loves. Whatever you do, make memories together and be sure to get some snuggle time in there, too. I know we sure will.

I’m beyond grateful for the amazing Dad that Graham is to our boys, and I can’t wait to celebrate him this weekend, Walker style. Wishing you and yours a connected and happy weekend together, whatever you do!


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2014 Brian Gluckstein Princess Margaret Lotto Showhome | PART TWO

So yesterday I shared with you some of my favourite design features from this beautiful home through the lens of my personal Dream House Wish List. I think I’m going to have to make this a regular feature as the list of dream details keeps growing, and they are far too delicious to keep to myself! For now, more design love from the 2014 Princess Margaret Lotto Showhome designed by Brian Gluckstein.


The heart of every dream home is truly the kitchen. This is where family and friends gather, where meals are prepared and shared and where some of the most meaningful conversations of the day often take place. There should be a simpatico in the kitchen – a welcoming of the ebb and flow of people who make a house a home – matched with a comfortable calm that invites creativity and connection.

I love the high gloss black lacquer on the island cabinetry, which serves as a nice punch of contrast to the clean and serene waterfall countertop made of Cambria quartz.

The satin brass cabinetry hardware is a modern twist on a classic. I also love the retro feel of the brass and frosted glass pendants over the island {below}.

The Le Cornue range and hood vent offer a dramatic focal point, adding more contrast and a touch of French decadence to this kitchen.

And the collection of toasters from the 1930’s and ’40’s adds just the sense of quirky personality this kitchen needs!


For me, every dream house absolutely has to have a sense of whimsy. We should never take ourselves too seriously, but especially not at home. After all, how can we have a house filled with laughter if we lose our playful spirit? Laughter is a must in my world! And in this house, the whimsy and lightheartedness I look for are best seen in the art found in the children’s bedrooms, all from Art Interiors. I love how the artwork plays off of the colourful bedding from the Gluckstein Home collection. Bright, cheerful colours for a bright and cheerful little life! It doesn’t hurt that navy and orange happens to be one of my favourite colour combinations.

Creamsicle anyone?
The effortless drape of the bouquet of tulips over the bed creates a casual beauty that’s perfect for this room!

I’m also in love with the GENIUS way that Brian concealed an awkward bulkhead in one of the bedrooms by creating this nautical-inspired built-in bunk bed {below}. Rumour has it the ladder was tucked away for safe keeping before the house was opened to guests because the adults on the team “may or may not” have been climbing up it and playing on the bunk beds themselves. That’s a good sign in my book! It’s all about keeping a childlike spirit alive.

How much is that doggy in the window? Love him!
Isn’t the craft room adorable? That whimsical dalmatian totally sets the tone!


To juxtapose that playful whit and lightheartedness, every dream home should have at least one moment of drama. Take, for example, the the theatre room on the lower level of this house. The dark walls, masculine furnishings, gallery wall of photography and eclectic, well-traveled spirit of the styling of the accessories all tell an interesting story and set the stage for the drama and intrigue that make for a perfect movie viewing room.


One of the things I love most about being an interior designer is the opportunity to use my strategy gene to turn problems into solutions and even design features. Brian Gluckstein is the absolute master of this very brand of design magic. I love how he used his ingenuity to solve the problem of a home gym that was totally lacking in natural light. Not one to settle, Brian got creative and thought – what if one of the walls was “see through?” Literally! By encasing the wine cellar in glass instead of drywall and suspending the racking between the floor and ceiling so that it didn’t require a wall to anchor it, Brian created a giant window into the home gym that welcomes in a wash of natural light to keep the fitness buffs in this household feeling fresh and inspired. Genius!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I’ll reveal my favourite space in this house and why I love it so!


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Project Nursery Update | Art Grouping #1

With the bones of the room just the way I want them, it’s time to get on to the one of my favourite parts: the art! I have so enjoyed curating the art groupings for this nursery. I wanted the art to mark the space with a sense of joy and delight, not to mention a healthy dose of whimsy. This is the grouping that now sits over the change table. Here’s what it looked like all laid out on the change table itself before we installed it:
And here’s how we installed it, along with a bit of the story behind each piece!
The central piece is by far the most storied. It just happens to be Graham’s favourite bear from when he was a little boy. This bear was/is undoubtedly besties with the Velveteen Rabbit, because his formerly velvet paws were rubbed raw by Graham’s sweet little baby hands. Seriously, just picture that for a moment. Cue heart melting. I swoon at the sight of his roughly stitched patches, matted fur and cock-eyed smile, especially knowing that he comforted my man when he was just a little man! This bear has seen some really good lovin’ in his time.
I commissioned my furniture maker to craft the beautiful natural walnut shadow box for Graham’s bear to nestle into, and I love the way it turned out. Because the solid wood shadow box is heavy, we put two anchors into the wall and drilled screws right through the back of it, hiding the mechanics with a simple board that I covered in a piece of blue and cream abstract modern linen from Kelly Wearstler for Kravet. I love the modern backdrop it creates for Graham’s vintage snuggler. A sweet little nest for this very “real” bear to call home.

Once the central piece was installed, we moved on to installing the two whimsical wood prints from Big Bear’s Den that I picked up at this year’s Christmas One of A Kind Show. I once again had my furniture maker craft the frames for these two little lovelies {which he then generously gave me as a Christmas gift! People are so kind!}. I’m thrilled with the result and love the way the walnut frames create a sense of warmth and connect with the wood on the change table/dresser. He made the frames to be installed with a wood block cleat on which to hang, and I love how stable this makes them. {See Graham installing the wood blocks above.}

The piece on the right says “wisdom begins with wonder,” and I don’t know about you, but I could use more awe and wonder in my daily life. I also think babies – and kids in general – are an invitation to be present and utterly mesmerized by simple beauty, observers of the oft-missed wonders in the world around us. It’s a good little mantra for life, really!
From there it all came together rather perfectly with a few final pieces, as you can see below:

TOP RIGHT: A dollar store DIY of mine, simply mounting two feathers in a shadow box frame on a remnant piece of oyster coloured shagreen wallpaper. {Total cost: $1.50}

BOTTOM RIGHT: The most charmingly debonaire faux taxidermy rabbit from Felt Factory, which I also picked up at this year’s One Of A Kind Show. I simply couldn’t leave that booth without bringing one of her sweet woodland creatures home with me! It was love at first sight.

BOTTOM LEFT: A gorgeous piece by printmaker Emma Nishimura from Art Interiors, floated on top of a heavy piece of watercolour paper in a simple but lovely black shadowbox frame. I’ve secretly been coveting this piece for a long time and LOVE how it connects with the birds in flight on the drapery panels. I also love the sophistication and refinement of this delicate print.

TOP LEFT: These bocce balls are also from Art Interiors. I’ve actually owned this piece by artist Erin Vincent for a few years now. It used to sit on a bookcase in another room in the house, and I have to take this opportunity to once again make a case for the value of buying smalls. {I know, I’m a broken record!} But really, you can rearrange smalls endlessly, reinventing the look and feel of a room simply by moving around the art. I love the sense of play this little piece infuses into the overall look of this grouping, and the fresh pop of colour is quite welcome.

Overall the grouping is rather soft and gentle. A little bit sophisticated, a lotta bit whimsical, and it totally makes me smile. With each addition to the room I have the growing sense that I’m really going to enjoy spending time in here. It’s a good feeling.

I promise to show you more photos of this grouping above the finished change table below. I’m thrilled with the beautiful change table topper that Graham made for me. It’s simple, good looking and super functional. As if he hadn’t already, Graham has quite firmly planted himself at the top of the super-husband list for life around here by making it. I am seriously so grateful for all of his talent and hard work!

And of course, there’s also the art grouping on the panelled wall that sits above the crib to show you…and the crib itself…and the rug and the chair and the ottoman…and the baby. Oh yes, that small matter of meeting the petit oeuf for whom all of this has been created! I’d say he’s the biggest reveal yet, wouldn’t you? All in good time {she says calmly while secretly thinking “soon, I hope!”}.


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