With last week’s exciting announcement, my head is naturally buzzing with all things baby! There is so much to do, and it’s been long enough between #1 and #2 that I really am doing it {and buying it} all over again. Time to get a degree in aerodynamics and physics to figure out all the latest baby gear, right? I mean, have you ever installed an infant car seat?

Thankfully, when it comes to designing the babe’s room that’s one thing I don’t have to get a degree in all over again. The ideas are already flowing like honey, but I want to make the process really fun and stretch myself with new ideas, so I’ve invited a couple of my lovely and talented friends to join me on the journey and share their take on what this baby bean’s nursery should look like!

{As a side note: Still testing nicknames for the “bun in the oven.” Suggestions welcome!}

Today’s nursery design goodness – in a series I’ve affectionately titled Oh Baby! – comes from my super fierce and fabulous friend Lesley Myrick all the way from sunny Los Angeles. Not only has she designed her take on a fresh and hip nursery, but she’s also done an interview with me. I’ll definitely share more about what makes Lesley tick below, but first, some Oh Baby! eye candy thanks to Lesley’s hip and slightly quirky design sensibility.

Crib // Dresser // Knobs for Dresser // Glider Chair // Fur Accent pillow // Orange Accent Pillow // Storage Ottoman // Rug // Floor Lamp // Ceiling Light // Blanket // Curtains // Artwork // Octopus Wall hook //

Lesley clearly read my mind, because that West Elm glider is already on my short list for the nursery chair. Comfy, modern, glides and has a matching ottoman. Lots of “wants” off my list for sure! {Just need to get into my local West Elm to do the “tooshie test.”} Lesley proves even further that she knows me well with all those hits of chevron throughout the room, and do you not LOVE that storage ottoman from Urban Outfitters? Total chartreuse green velvet fabulousness!

I did tell you that Lesley was fierce, didn’t I? Well I really meant it. And just in case you don’t believe me, check out her fabulous headshot and this fun little interview below. How many girls do you know who can rock a mohawk and still look feminine? Not many.

So without further ado, here’s a little bit about the entirely fresh and unique woman behind today’s Oh Baby! nursery design.

How long have you been an interior designer and what do you love most about the industry?

I’ve “officially” been an interior designer – with a college diploma saying as much – since 2005, but I’ve been decorating and rearranging furniture as long as I can remember. I was that kid who started rearranging her bedroom as soon as she was old enough to push the furniture around herself! To me, interior design is a lot like collage art and it’s why I love it. It’s all about arranging individual elements in a space to create something that’s more beautiful as a whole than the sum of its parts.

Tell us about your current job and all of the exciting ins-and-outs of what you do!

My full-time gig is with Lamps Plus – I handle all of their social media content, and also manage and edit their design blog, Style Illuminated. In addition to that, I do art directing and photo styling for their sister site, 55 Downing Street. I’m really fortunate to have a career that’s varied and incorporates many of my passions – blogging, social media and interior design. My less-full-time gig is with my freelance business, Lesley Myrick Art + Design, where I make collage art (and sell original art, prints, and greeting cards in my Etsy shop), do graphic design, and do interior design consulting.

You are a busy lady! Where do you find your inspiration for interior design? {favourite magazines, blogs, designers, websites}

I am a blog fiend. Feedly is my friend! I subscribe to about 40 blogs that I read daily, on topics like interior design, business, lifestyle, graphic design, and more. Some of my favorite design blogs and designers are Decor8, Design*Sponge, and Emily Henderson. Lifestyle blogs are also hugely inspiring to me, like A Beautiful Mess, Skunkboy Creatures, Nubby Twiglet, and Love Taza. And of course, Pinterest is a rabbit hole of inspiration that I could get lost in! While I do seek out inspiration and new ideas, I’m not one to succumb to trends just because they’re popular. One of my favorite quotes is from designer Billy Baldwin: “Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” I always try to keep this in mind when designing – it helps me maintain my unique perspective.

So as it turns out, Lesley is just as pregnant as I am at the time of this post – nearly 16 weeks! How do you feeling about becoming a mama for the first time, Les?

Exited. And terrified. It’s a huge change, and while we’re ready for it (or as ready as we can be!) there is still a lot to process. I know when the little dude or dudette makes his/her appearance we’ll take it day by day and figure it out, but right now the physical reality of having a baby is still kind of nebulous and hard to grasp. I am, however, very excited to decorate for the baby and buy wee little clothes!

What items are on your baby-mama list of “must haves” so far?

We haven’t started a registry yet, since we’re waiting to find out the sex first (I’m about 15 weeks along), so my current must-haves are purely superficial and totally gender-neutral. I definitely plan to buy some sort of cute striped footie pajamas, and any sort of teeny tiny sweatshirt with a hood and animal ears. I would love some tips from experiences mamas on what essentials to buy – the real essentials, not the ones that magazines say you need.

What most excites you about the new adventure of parenthood? What scares you most about it?

Kids are just awesome. I am thrilled to have the blessing of a little one in our lives. And I’m so excited to see my husband become a father – just thinking about that makes me melt. But admittedly, the responsibility scares me – knowing that this little creature has been entrusted to us is a huge honor and is quite humbling.

Describe your dream design project.

For me, a great designer-client relationship is often more valuable to me than the project itself. A “dream client” is even more alluring to me than a “dream project”! I love to work with people who are kind, easygoing, respond to emails in a timely manner, and have an idea of their likes and dislikes. Also, since I like my designs to have a little “weird” in them, a client that is open to expecting the unexpected would be a dream.

You’ve told us a little bit about your lovely little business doing collage art. Tell us about what inspires you and what you love most about the art side of your life.

I enjoy collecting and arranging, so collage is a natural expression of both of those loves. I’m inspired by all sorts of pretty little things (and things that some people might not find so pretty) – maps, pieces of found ephemera, random bits and bobs I find on the sidewalk, patterned scrapbook paper, great typography, beautiful fine-tip black pens, splattered paint. I love that it just feels good to collage. While I do have an art and design background and understand the basic elements and principles of design, I’m not consciously thinking about those things when I create. I’m just feeling it – seeking out elements that speak to me and rearranging them to create something that’s all at once soothing, pleasing, and inspiring. I love the power of words. I love quotes and typography, and because of that most of my work incorporates a quote. I’m both happy and sad that typography art is a trend right now – happy because it’s popular, but sad because I’m sure it will lose that popularity and I’ll still be making art like this even when it’s not cool anymore!

How do you and Nate like to recharge your creative batteries?

Nate is a grad student who’s about two weeks away from receiving his masters degree in theology (woohoo!), so between his brain-draining days and my busy full-time and freelance schedule, we definitely need to find ways to decompress and let go. Admittedly, our guilty pleasure is TV. Give him a baseball game or WWII documentary and he’s a happy camper; put on some Project Runway or 30 Rock and I’m all set. Additionally, our friendships are also really important to us – we love to spend quality time with awesome people and really invest in our friends. Even though I’m an introvert, I crave that relational time with friends and need it to recharge. I think it’s healthy to have a life outside your career, and we’re doing our best to figure out a balance that works for us.


I told you she was fabulous, didn’t I? And I love that in work and in life, relationships are what drive this amazing lady most. Thank you so much, Lesley, for sharing your creativity and inspiration with us today! So glad I know you. And congratulations to you and Nate on the impending arrival of your own sweet babe! I know you’ll make amazing parents.