Given my passion for art, vintage etchings and wallpaper, today’s Design Find had me at hello. I love the idea of being able to craft an environment that feels like an utter escape into another world, another time. I particularly love doing so in powder rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms: Dining rooms, because they create a context for you and your guests to explore fascinating subject matter in a way that unleashes the imagination. Powder rooms because it is one of the few rooms in the house where you are left alone with your own thoughts, so what a perfect opportunity to dream of far away places for a few lovely moments? Bedrooms because they are the perfect place to create a sense of escape and sanctuary as the context for very sweet dreams.

The beauty of Anewall‘s products is that they offer total customization, so you can take the dimensions of your room, lay out where the doors and windows are located to ensure that the most interesting elements of your mural wallpaper get the best real estate, and then envelope your space in a scene that truly transports the imagination.

Images available range from historic paintings and etchings to more conceptual images, and Anewall will also work with your photographs and images to totally customize any wallpaper or mural your creative little heart could desire.

Stunning, right? The possibilities are truly endless. I so love stumbling upon product design innovators like this! Thank you to the brilliant design team at Anewall for stirring our imaginations into worlds of wonder. Now to find a project where I can use your beautiful product!