One of my favourite elements of holiday decorating has always been dressing my mantel. The lush yet simple layers of greenery add a warm holiday spirit to our home and their fragrance is intoxicating all throughout the season.

There is of course no one right way to style a mantel for the holidays, but for me it always comes down to cedar, magnolia and stockings. Some years I will add in clusters of fruit like clementines and pomegranates, and other years {like this one} I keep it simple with more of a quiet elegance, letting the greenery take centre stage. I thought I’d share my super simple process with you, including my secret to hanging stockings without putting holes in your mantel!

The key to this part is leaning art. If you’re able to lean a piece of art or a large mirror on your mantel you have everything you need to hang stockings without making any holes in your beautiful surround. Here’s how:

Using a long piece of ribbon, tie one stocking onto the end of the ribbon. Feed the length of the ribbon behind your artwork or mirror and then attach the second stocking onto the other end. I chose to use an organza ribbon for it’s subtlety and transparency. 
Next, layer branches of cedar onto the mantel, allowing it to drape over the ribbon, disguising the mechanics of your styling secrets.
Next, add your branches of magnolia, tucking them into the layers of cedar to hide the ends of the stems. I also chose to pot two mini myrtle topiaries and sit them on either end of the mantel for more symmetry and visual balance.

And honest-to-goodness, that’s it! Time to light a fire and cozy up with the ones you love as you enjoy the Advent season.

Wishing you and yours a season of peace, joy and heaps of love as you enjoy your festive decor. And bring on the fireside snuggles!



Artwork: Anewall
Fireplace screen: Anvil Fireside
Christmas stockings: Anthropologie