It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. The weather has been holiday-hot, the kids have been having fun both here at home and in our travels, and we’re really just not ready for it all to come to an end. So what does a design blogger do when she’s trying to cling to the last vestiges of summer? Write about her dream cabin, naturally.


I was first introduced to The Bunkie Co. by a fellow design-obsessed friend a few years ago, and I have to say, this Design Find is truly worthy of the Lust List. (It’s been on mine ever since.)

The iconic design was first imagined by architect Nathan Buhler of BLDG Workshop as a silhouette that would naturally disappear into the landscape. With two parallel walls clad entirely in glass, the transparency of the structure invites the outdoors in with a modern simplicity that belies its intelligent design. Perhaps one of the most remarkable features of The Bunkie is the fact that this prefab structure that can be built in only 2 days. Take a peek at this video for an insider look at the process.

Introducing The Bunkie from The Bunkie Co. on Vimeo.

It was Buhler’s collaboration with industrial designer Evan Bare of 608 Design that took the functionality of The Bunkie to new heights. With furniture that is fully integrated into the wall panel design, The Bunkie can transition from bedroom to dining room to backyard boardroom in a matter of minutes, making it drool-worthy not just for cottagers looking to expand their sleeping capacity, but also for city dwellers looking to create a backyard escape. Due to its very intentionally designed proportions, The Bunkie does not require a building permit, meaning it can easily be installed just about anywhere you can imagine it.

Customizable options are also available, like this stunning triple Bunkie that is used as a Muskoka yoga studio.


Who wouldn’t want to do sun salutations here, surrounded by the healing power of nature? Sign me up.

bldg-workshop-608-design-the-bunkie-co-canada-designboom-03 bldg-workshop-608-design-the-bunkie-co-canada-designboom-04 bldg-workshop-608-design-the-bunkie-co-canada-designboom-07

Nathan and Evan have not only created an iconic cabin that is on my wish list for both my city home and future cottage life, they’ve inspired me with their design thinking and environmentally sustainable approach to building and design. I hope they’ve inspired you too, and that you are able to savour every last drop of summer we’ve got left. It’s never too late to get outside and make a few more memories together.