What do you get when you combine a fierce passion for performance with an unquestionably Italian flair for style? In the case of Tecnogas Superiore, you get a line of ranges that are now competing with La Cornue in the fashion-meets-function segment of the statement-making cooking appliances market.

Tecnogas Superiore has been in the range-making industry in Italy for over 60 years, and their recent entry into the North American market has introduced the tastes of Europe into North American kitchen design in a decidedly fresh way. I had a chance to learn more about the brand on my recent Designhounds London tour, and I came away with an appetite whetted for all they are poised to introduce.

My favourite range available to the North American market at the moment is the 48″ DECO Classic in Black and Brass.


The vast range of colours options in the DECO line (from a subtle matte cream to a daring racing red) and the rich metallic accents available mean that the luxury of customization is truly at your fingertips, all with remarkably swift delivery times. Those colour options become all the sexier when you learn that the finishes are in fact produced by the same factory that produces finishes for Ferrari. Yes, THAT Ferrari. And just like that, husbands are excited about ranges, too.

Some of the other standouts to me include the 48″ NEXT Panorama range.


Key features include NEXT’s tri-fuel technology, offering a combination of induction heat, gas burners and a griddle on the stove top with a classic convection oven below. The NEXT range also features extra-wide viewing windows which reduce the need to open and close the door while cooking. These highly engineered doors maintain the perfect cooking temperature inside the oven while keeping your kitchen temperature comfortable and the doors cool to the touch. Not only that, these patented doors are a wonder to clean. Feast your eyes on this video showing how easily the glass slides out for perfect cleaning every time, reassembling with a perfect seal every time so you never have to sweat over another meal again.


Having spent a full day cooking myself along with our Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people just over a week ago, I can attest to how much I would have LOVED to have this feature on my range! How decadent to cook in a cool and comfortable kitchen all day and not have to totally redo your makeup before your guests arrive thanks to the unintentional “steam facial” your culinary efforts have afforded you!

Speaking of steam, Tecognas Superiore does offer steam cooking in Italy, a collection which they plan to introduce to the North American market in 2018. That is definitely something to watch for, especially if you are a gourmande who dreams of designing a kitchen that is as fiercely fashionable as it is functional. I’ll definitely be waiting with bated breath!

Huge thanks to Luca and his lovely wife Enkelejda for meeting us in London to share both a meal and your passion for great design. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I am raising a glass to your success as you continue to introduce the richness of the Italian way of life to the North American market with Tecnogas Superiore!