Is there a better way to celebrate good design than with traveling, wining and dining? If there is, I haven’t met it yet, and that’s just what I did recently with a lovely little getaway to Prince Edward County with our friends from Caesarstone. In addition to falling deeper in love with the County, it was a brilliant opportunity to take in the latest colour releases from Caesarstone in context (and a ridiculously charming context at that).

Amongst all of the good food and wine (including a new favourite cider from The Old Third that has the bubbles of champagne and a finish that tastes like buttered popcorn), we had the opportunity to put Caesarstone to the stain test. Spoiler alert: it passes with flying colours, regardless of which colour you’re playing with.

And speaking of colours, the newest releases are right on the money. In addition to a brilliant terrazzo, there are several versions of concrete that make minimalist custom surface treatments a dream.

I’ve been a fan of custom concrete counters and even custom concrete furniture for years. The difficulty with them is they can be delicate and prone to cracking. Well move over, concrete. Caesarstone’s new concrete colours allow you to achieve the look without the delicate sensibilities of a poured surface.


From top to bottom:

AIRY CONCRETE – Slightly quieter, this Caesarstone new release still has lots of movement and a kind of dimension that feels authentically poured.

CLOUDBURST CONCRETE – The depth and movement in this Caesarstone slab has an effortlessly industrial edge. And speaking of effortless, how beautiful is the food styling on that dish by Chef Sean MacDonald? Brilliant.

TOPUS CONCRETE – With the slightest and most sophisticated whisper of blush, Topus Concrete reminds me of a high quality travertine in the colour we always wished we could find but never did. Wish no more. It’s here.

FROZEN TERRA – Terrazzo is definitely making a big comeback in flooring, so this one is great news for all of the Terrazzo-lovers in our midst. Consider it the perfect finish to the stone story of your Venetian-inspired dreams.

EXCAVA – This one is the singer in the family, and definitely one that needs to be seen in person for full effect. The rusty-hued veining is inspired by foraged industrial objets whose patina feels as rustic as it does refined.

I admit that our little tour of the County reignited in me the dream to one day build a summer retreat for my sweet family on the water. What better place to do that than the County, and what better surface to deck it out with head-to-toe than minimalist, Scandi-inspired Caesarstone concrete counters and fireplace surrounds? Here’s to dreams becoming reality – scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, sustainable reality!

Happy Friday, friends!